love and attachment

Love And Attachment

Hi friends, today I would like to brainstorm on this topic. Do you know how to differentiate between love and attachment? I had read a short story somewhere. Although I don’t remember it exactly the brief was like this:  A couple was living a happy married life for 7 years. On their 8th marriage anniversary, […]

spiritual resolutions for 2023

Best Spiritual Resolutions For New Year 2023

Hi Friends, first of all, Wish You a Very Happy, Peaceful, Prosperous, Healthy, and Wealthy New Year 2023! I know you all must have celebrated the 31st December night in different ways. I will not ask how you celebrated 31st December. It is more or less the same. Because all in all, you must have […]

easy while busy

How To Be Easy While Being Busy?

Smita was very frustrated and irritated. For the last two years, her husband Akash was working from home. They were not able to spend quality time together. Both were hardly communicating with each other. Akash had become 24×7  busy with conference calls, meetings, work, and so on. Have you also come across such a situation? […]

time is fleeting

Time is Fleeting. Awaken Yourself!

If you are still in the assumption that there is a lot of time now, awaken yourself before it’s too late. The current time warns you, “It’s now or never”


Want Peace, Prosperity, and Happiness? Try Rajyoga Meditation

What does every human on earth want in life?  It’s always peace, prosperity, and happiness, right? Although the definitions of happiness vary from person to person, the ultimate goal is to achieve happiness and peace.  Everyone’s way to achieve it is different. Some worship God, some go for trekking or traveling in the company of […]