Who is God for You – Part 2

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Who is God for You – Part 2


Who is God 2

Hi friends, in part 1, we saw that God does not exist everywhere and within everyone. I am sure all your beliefs about that Supreme Being must have been shaken by now. And you also might have this question in mind now- If He is not everywhere then Who is God? The dispute between atheists and believers has been there for a long time. The line between faith and superstition is very subtle. There are five parameters that define God or you can say, you can verify Him with these five tests. Let’s check what these tests are.

1. God Must Be Accepted By All Religions

Now, if you see, every religion accepts that God exists in a bodiless or point of light form. For example, Hindu religion says ‘Jyotiswaroop’,  Muslim says ‘Noor-E-Elahi’ , Christen says, ‘God is Light’, Sikh says ‘God is One’ and He is shapeless. So, God is accepted universally as a point of light, a supreme soul without a human body. However, it is so wonderful that although being bodiless He has a name Shiv which means Kalyankari, Auspicious, Holy, and Point. We, humans, have names that are given to our bodies and not souls.

2. He Must Be Supreme

Yes, we all do believe that God is the supreme power that lies above all. This means that there is no one above Him. No mother or father or guru above Him. God is only one. He is the one Parampita Paramatma (father of fathers and father of souls). He is also called God Father. He is the Param Shikshak (Supreme Teacher), and ParamSatguru (Supreme Satguru).

3. He Must Be Free From All Cycles

birth-death cycle

God is also free from any cycle of birth-death, sin-virtues, happiness-suffering, or karma-karmaphala. He doesn’t take birth through the womb. He gets incarnated. Because all these cycles are meant for humans and if He is the supreme power which controls this whole creation, He has to remain abstained from those cycles.

4. He Must Be Full of All Knowledge

God Shiv is the only creator of this world. Hence, He is full of all knowledge about the beginning, middle, and end of His creation. Parmatma gives us the third eye of knowledge and He is the lord of three worlds  – the incorporeal world, the subtle world, and the corporeal world (Brahma Lok, Sukshma Lok, Mrityulok). Hence, He is called ’Trikaldarshi’, ‘Trinetri’, and ‘Trilokinath’.


5. God Must Be Ocean of All Qualities

God is unconditionally loving and giving. He is the ocean of all seven qualities – Purity, Peace, Love, Joy, Bliss, Knowledge, and Power. And any human being on this planet cannot have all these qualities at once.

What is the Form of God?

Man’s father is human. So, the father of souls also must be a soul, a point of light. Therefore, if God is the supreme soul, His form also is a point of light like souls. Even mathematics defines the point as infinite. It depicts the supreme power of God. Did you know the first source of energy is the sun? Who created the Sun? Now can you deny why God is also a point of light?.

Where Does He Live?

Now we all usually say pointing a finger upwards that God is in the sky. But God’s home is beyond the sky, beyond the space. His home is full of light, happiness, and peace! It is called Paramdham. All the souls also go there after leaving their bodies. So it is also the home of souls and of the supreme soul.

What is God’s Duty?

Now we all humans say God’s duty is to rescue us from all sorrows, griefs, and give us happiness, peace, health, and wealth. That is why we worship God right? The path of devotion is a way to attain God. But God has his own time to come on this planet and rescue us from all our adversities and sorrows. His main duty is to give knowledge to the souls which have become impure in this Kalyug. Being the ocean of knowledge God gives us knowledge of ourselves, and the beginning, middle, and end of His creation. 

The Parmatma has created Brahma, Vishnu, and Shankar for the duties of Generation, Operation, and Destruction respectively. He creates through Brahma, operates through Vishnu, and then destroys the creation through Shankar because it gets old after a time.

We know that every living and non-living thing has its own lifespan. Then how could this creation be an exception to that?  We can see how nature has been showing its monstrous form through floods, tsunamis, droughts, and earthquakes. Even humans have become so monsters that they are committing murders, cheating people, doing wars, and so on. But don’t be afraid, every destruction has a hidden meaning that a new world is taking birth! Because He is the only Peacemaker who can bring Peace, Purity, and Happiness to this planet.

Has God Really Arrived On Earth?

You must be aware of what Bhagavad Gita says: “yada yada hi dharmasya glanir bhavati bharata,  abhyutthanam adharmasya tadatmanam srujamyaham” which means “whenever there is extreme malpractice, inequity, and corruption in Bharat then I come on this earth to destroy all those negativities and restore dharma”.

Now, don’t you think this is the time when you see all these negativities and disorders are dominant in the surrounding world? Why do we often say “this is kalyug?” because there is a tribulation power of strife everywhere. And what do you think who on this earth can give you all the knowledge of the beginning, middle, and the end of this creation? Any human on this planet does not have that power. God himself has incarnated himself in an old-aged ordinary body. If you believe in Bhagavad Gita then you must believe in His saying mentioned in it. He has arrived on this earth for us. To make us pure and take with Him to our sweet home of souls that is Paramdham.

How Can We Believe All This?

who is God

Okay, if you are an atheist, you may still not believe all this. You will ask, “Who told you all this?” The answer is, “God himself has given this knowledge”. Do you remember that story of six blind men and an elephant? Every man touches the elephant’s one body part and makes a conclusion based on his limited experience. Different men come with different descriptions of the elephant. The same thing happens with God also. Can any human give His accurate and perfect introduction other than God himself? You will have to experiment with believing in Him and experience His existence.


Now I think you might have got the answer to  “Who is God?” He is the supreme soul, a point of light but His qualities are much brighter than a thousand suns. The Parampita Paramtma has arrived on this earth to give us spiritual knowledge that we have never known. God will restore dharma to make this earth again a better world to live in. In the next blog, we will see How to attain God through meditation.

Om Shanti!

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  1. Really dear wonderful thought.God is everywhere,in every soul not in temple.All points about God is arranged very grateful.You are good writer.

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