How To Be Easy While Being Busy?

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How To Be Easy While Being Busy?

easy while busy

Smita was very frustrated and irritated. For the last two years, her husband Akash was working from home. They were not able to spend quality time together. Both were hardly communicating with each other. Akash had become 24×7  busy with conference calls, meetings, work, and so on. Have you also come across such a situation? I know, most people are going through this phase.

Busy life with work from home
Busy Life with Work From Home

During and after the lockdown period of more than two years, a new work culture has emerged: Work From Home. Many have experienced its plus points and minus points. However, now the WFH system has given birth to the busiest schedule. Even though being at home, no one is getting time for themselves and even for family. 

So, now, if I say that I have a solution to your problem. You will be able to not only spend quality time with your family but also will enjoy life like never before. Feeling excited to know? Let’s start.

How Do you Manage Your Time?

time management in busy life
Time Management in Busy Life

More often we have heard the term Time Management. Everyone gets the same 24 hours. So, it is up to you how productively you use your time. We say that time is money. But that does not mean we have to run a rat race to encash that money. We have to maintain balance in our work life and personal life.

Waking Up Early

Wake up time in busy schedule
What is your wake-up time?

Now start with your wake-up time. At what time does your day start? If you are rising later than 7 a.m. then just try to prepone it by at least half an hour first. You will realize that you have got half an hour more in your day for yourself. And gradually make your goal to wake up at 5 a.m. Step by step you will find it easy to implement.

But of course, to wake up early, you need to go to bed early at night so that you will get a sound sleep. And last but not the least, keep your mobile away before going to sleep. Do not see the mobile screen from one hour before your bedtime. This gadget is the culprit for disturbing your mind and ultimately your sleep.

Start and End Your Day With Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations
Positive Affirmations

This is a very effective way to start and end your day with positive affirmations. It really helps keep you in a good mood and more productive throughout the day. “I am a powerful soul. Today is a very beautiful day. I gain success in every task I take in hand. Everything happens for the best of me”  Say these affirmations every day to yourself and see the magical results. You can also do this before going to sleep at the night. This will ensure that your mind is full of positive thoughts and your subconscious mind accepts them.

Take a Short Break

Break time
Take a Break!

Yes, we all know that work is important and we are committed to delivering quality work. But if you drag yourself non-stop for extended hours would you be able to deliver quality work? Of course not. You need a short break to refresh yourself. You can always take out two to five minutes every two hours. Just leave your desk, walk around and have a cup of coffee or water or chit-chat with your spouse. Try to take a separate lunch break of a minimum of 30 mins to have a meal with your family. With such short breaks during the day you and your family will get to spend quality time with each other, isn’t it?

Simulate and Follow Office Time In your Home

Office hours in busy shcedule
Office hours

Now you may find this a bit difficult to implement but it’s not impossible.  Start following the office timings say 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. even though working from home.   So, once your office time is up for the day, literally shut down your laptop and call it a day. If you are not allowed to disturb your work life because of your personal life then why disturb your personal family life just because you are working from home?  Avoid working for extended hours than regular office timings. Because you are doing a job for a living but not living for your job, right? However, you must complete your work commitments and deliver quality work. Prioritize your tasks and start finishing them one by one.

Make God Your Partner

Make God your Partner
Make God Your Partner

Adding spirituality to your work life creates wonders. If you make God your partner and feel His presence, believe me, He will help you finish your work within time or even ahead of time. You have to have complete trust in God. Just give all your burden to Him and stay relaxed. God will touch your intellect and you will finish your work even before the deadline. But for this, you need to connect to God daily through Rajyoga mediation. Learn Rajyoga meditation for free from your nearest Brahmakumari center.


So, after implementing the above tips, I am sure you will feel it is easy to maintain balance in your work life and family life, isn’t it? All the Very Best! 🙂

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