Best Spiritual Resolutions For New Year 2023

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Best Spiritual Resolutions For New Year 2023

spiritual resolutions for 2023

Hi Friends, first of all, Wish You a Very Happy, Peaceful, Prosperous, Healthy, and Wealthy New Year 2023! I know you all must have celebrated the 31st December night in different ways. I will not ask how you celebrated 31st December. It is more or less the same. Because all in all, you must have stayed awake till late at night to welcome the new year.  I am more interested to know how you enjoyed the first day of the new year! Have you made any spiritual resolutions for the new year?

The New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions List
New Year Resolutions List

As the year comes to an end, we start making new year resolutions. You must have made your resolutions list such as starting exercising, joining the gym, going for a morning walk, leaving some bad habits or addictions, and so on.  Well, after enjoying late-night parties there is hardly any chance that you will wake up early in the morning. And your resolution of going for a morning walk or joining a gym fails on the first day itself. Then you will say, “no problem, will start it tomorrow”. That ‘tomorrow’ never comes. Many of you must have gone through this phase, right?

Does It Really Matter?

Year Calendar

Days and nights continue in the same way. Only the calendar on the wall gets replaced with the new one. The sun does not know what date and the year it is. It knows only to rise in the morning and set in the evening. Man has created these days, years, and timestamps for his convenience. And we have set some specific days to celebrate our festivals or occasions. Because we have made our happiness dependent on these outer things.  We are not aware that we can celebrate our life without any dependency on people or any days or festivals.

Are We Conscious of Our Spiritual Health?

We have become conscious of our physical health. But how many of us have made it a resolution to take care of our mental health? Spirituality is the best medicine for both physical and mental health. We know that our mental health has a great effect on our physical health. And now spirituality is no more a choice, it has become a necessity.

Let’s Make Spiritual Resolutions For The New Year

Pause Before You Think And React

spiritual resolution - pause before you think
Pause before you think

Our thoughts have tremendous power. So beware of any negative thoughts and reactions to situations. Usually, we do not realize that any negative circumstances are actually blessings in disguise. They teach us and make us understand what we have gained from them. But what do we do? We start blaming others and react immediately. We should learn to see the positive within an apparently negative situation. Let’s now make it a resolution to pause before thinking or blaming others or reacting to any negative situation. Think positive and you will attract everything positive.

Join Spiritual Organization or Meditation Class

spiritual resolution - join meditation class

Today in this digital world you will say we can learn to meditate by watching videos online. But believe me, joining a spiritual organization or meditation class helps a lot. Spiritual mentors help us come out of any trauma or stress. We learn to manage stress, anxiety, and depression which have become serious problems now in society. When we see other people going through a similar phase as ours and we overcome it together we learn to accept ourselves as well as people.

Give Blessings and Earn Blessings

spiritual resolution - earn Blessings
Earn Blessings

Yes, blessings play a very important part in our life. We have realized in the corona pandemic phase when we were helpless to save patients even by spending money, only blessings could help them overcome the phase. So. while working to earn money we should also focus on earning blessings of people. Do something good for others, help them even though in a small thing. We all know the story of the squirrel in Ramayana who contributed to building the bridge, right?

Learn to Let Go

spiritual resolution - let go
Let go

The main hurdle in living life fully and happily is we hold on to past grudges and resentments. What do we get by holding them in mind? Only stress and anger. It hurts and damages our mental health. Just let it go. If time does not stop or rewind why should we stick ourselves in the past? Move on and let go of the past. Life will become beautiful.

Practice Compassion

spiritual resolution - compassion

When I learned Rajyoga Meditation I liked one thing about that. It teaches us to be compassionate towards others. No matter how other people behave with you, you must feel compassion for them. They have come to this earth with their karmas and sanskaras. All are playing their roles. So, we should only give them good feelings and intentions.

Write Daily Gratitude Journal

spiritual resolution - gratitude journal
Gratitude Journal

While complaining about n number of things in life we ignore so many things we should be grateful for. In the book ‘The Secret’ the author Rhonda Byrne has stated this very effective tool to express gratitude to each and everything. Write a gratitude journal and mention all the things and people in your life you want to be grateful for. Be it a healthy body, a good vehicle, a good job, a good house, good friends, and so on.

Use Visualization Technique to Manifest What You Want

This also is an amazing technique told by the author of ‘The Secret’ to manifest all that you want in life. Visualize what you want and create a feeling like you have already received it. As I have already said, our thoughts have tremendous power. When we intensely think and visualize what we want it manifests in reality. Try this. It really works. But you must do this with full trust.

Write A Letter to God and Yourself

spiritual resolution - letter to God
Letter to God and self

This is my favorite activity. I can express my feelings very well through writing. It’s my hobby to write a letter to God or even to myself. Be it positive or negative, I write everything. It is a great stressbuster for me. I treat God as my friend and express my feelings. When I write a letter to myself in the third person I can retrospect on my strengths and weaknesses and can make efforts to rectify them.


The new year will come every twelve months. And when you start following spiritual path life will become truly happy and peaceful. So, make your life peaceful, happy, prosperous, healthy, and wealthy in a true sense by making and following the above-mentioned spiritual resolutions. Happy New Year and a happy new life ahead!!! 🙂

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  1. Very well written. Sounds good while reading but difficult to follow. It’s like we know this needs to done and we try to follow as much as possible but other things overtake as priority 🙁
    Let’s try to make a resolution to follow above resolutions as much as possible. Best is follow always !!!
    Thanks for another push!!!

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