Do You Know Gratitude Works Wonders In Life?

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Do You Know Gratitude Works Wonders In Life?


Two friends Neeta and Ritu celebrate a birthday party at a hotel. When they get to leave the hotel, Neeta says thanks to the waiter with a smile on her face. Her friend Ritu asks, “Why are you thanking him? He has done his duty.” Neeta replies, “It’s not just duty, it is his service to us and he has done it sincerely.”

Are We Grateful Enough?

The incident mentioned above is very trivial but gives a bigger message to us. How many times do we say ‘Thank you’ to people in our daily lives? We expect people should say thanks when we do something for them but we do not thank when someone does a favor on us. On the contrary, we say, “It was his/her duty, not a big thing”

Why Gratitude is Important?

Practice Gratitude

Gratitude is considered a mere formality nowadays. But the fact is, being grateful benefits us to a great extent in our life. When I started practicing it after reading the self-help book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne, it has been working wonderfully. You not only earn blessings but also create a beautiful relationship with the person. I think that’s why Thanksgiving is celebrated as a festival in America.

What I have Gained With Gratitude

I have deliberately cultivated the habit of saying ‘thank you’ to each and every person or thing that helps me in some or the other way. Even if it is my bike that takes me to my destination. You will not believe, my bike has never stopped in the middle of the road even though it’s running on a very low petrol level. It definitely runs up to the petrol pump.

I say thank you to the shopkeeper, vegetable seller, or any counterperson at a mall when I purchase something. The other person says “welcome” and helps me with any tasks like taking the bags to the bike or offering a discount. It does not become just a seller-customer relationship; it is more of an emotional bond.

Now these are some day-to-day life examples. I have also achieved much more when I started to be grateful for my health, my relationships, my financial health, and above all, my life!

The Law of Gratitude

Yes, the law of gratitude says, the more you express it the more you will get in multiples. For example, if you say thanks for the money you have you will never run short of it. If you say thanks for your health you will recover from any disease faster. Or you will not fall sick in the first place. When you say thanks to your colleagues for their help they will always cooperate with you in the crisis. Do you remember people who worked even without a salary during the Corona pandemic?

How To Practice Gratitude?


Well, it is not rocket science to express gratefulness. But yes, we have to be attentive. We should start practicing it right from the early morning when we wake up. We are alive today is the biggest reason to be grateful, isn’t it?

As your day starts, you say thank you to God for giving you a new fresh day to live. Then as you go for a bath, say thank you to the water as there are places where people have to walk a long distance to get it. Say thanks to the bike on which you ride to reach your office. Say thanks to the shopkeeper, milkman, vegetable seller, and whoever comes into your contact to help you. Additionally, you can practice writing a Gratitude Journal where you list out the people and things to be grateful for. This also has helped me a lot.

What About The Situations and People Troubling Us?

Okay, now you will say it’s okay we will say thanks to everyone who helps us or benefits us. But what about those who are troublesome to us? How can we say thanks to them? But my answer to this is even if you find it difficult you should appreciate those too because they are coming to make you stronger. If you see All the great people like Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Ambedkar, Dr. Abdul Kalam, Mary Kom, etc. had to face many adverse situations and people but the legends never blamed them. And today, we are well aware of the esteemed position they hold in our hearts and minds. Hence, they have imbibed in us the belief that such adversities are disguised blessings.

Benefits of Expressing Gratitude

When you practice gratitude in a natural way from the bottom of your heart you will gain tremendous benefits for a lifetime. Just be sincere in expressing it.

  • As mentioned earlier, you develop beautiful relationships 
  • Earn the blessings of people. 
  • When you thank adverse situations or annoying people you can conquer them easily and they will get transformed or changed. 
  • You feel happy and content from within as you receive its return in multiples.


So, having known the enormous benefits of gratitude, you would definitely love to practice it from today, right? Say ‘Thank you’ to everyone and receive all the good things in life. 🙂 


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  1. Very well said.
    It is a very small practice but great returns.
    Very nicely explained.
    Thanks you for such article and keep it up!

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