Time is Fleeting. Awaken Yourself!

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Time is Fleeting. Awaken Yourself!

time is fleeting

War, pandemics, floods, earthquakes, family wars, and so on. It’s like the world destruction has started and is having its rehearsals. Every day rises with some negative news and fearful thoughts. What are we doing in such situations? Only talking about them and worrying about our future? Have we found any way to face these dreadful circumstances? 

We have heard that time is money, we must value our time. But unfortunately, we are just carrying forward our days and murmuring about whatever bad situations come across.

How Has Time Passed and Showing Its Dreadful Nature Now?

global warming
Global warming – nature’s dreadful form

Just think of your childhood days. Were those days as stressful as today? You must have been hearing from your parents and grandparents, “This was not there in our times”. How was the world at that time? The population was lesser so there were abundant resources and hence there was no pollution.  Corruption and evils were still there but lesser than today. 

As time passed, the population increased and it started a shortage of resources, advanced technology caused depletion of the natural environment and then it started global warming.

How Are Relationships Ruined?

Relationship problems
Relationship Problems

People were living happily in joint families earlier but now even in nuclear families, they are not able to live with each other. Unrealistic expectations, greed, lust, anger, and ego are degrading their character and are destroying relationships. This is leading to anxiety, addictions, unrest, fear, stress, and so on. Honesty, loyalty, love, and moral values are like outdated virtues these days. We neutrally say that in this Kaliyuga we cannot afford to stay backward by implementing these moral values. But then the question is, are we really happy ignoring those virtues and running the rat race?

Who Is Responsible for This Destruction?

While watching the degradation of people’s character and the destruction of the world, who do you think is responsible for all this? Wait, before blaming anyone else or even yourself, you must first think of the solution. Is there something that we can do to avoid this?

What Do We Do When The Situation is Unavoidable?

I remember a puzzle that is asked of a candidate in an interview to check his lateral thinking skills. The puzzle is like this: “You are sitting in a room with your colleague and manager. And suddenly, the room is set on fire. There is only one window through which one person can jump out.  who will you save first?” Now, most people will answer that they will first save their manager so that he feels good. But the smart answer is you will first jump out of the window so that you can take necessary actions to save both the manager and colleague.

Now, this is a practical example of how we can face any situation. When there is any unavoidable situation like a natural calamity or pandemics where the majority of people get panicked, we have to stand firm with calmness and a stable mind to save ourselves and then save others. This takes tremendous courage and presence of mind. How should we develop such a stable mind?

Spirituality is the Key


Yes, you said it. Spirituality is the only key to facing such uncontrollable situations with calmness. Now even scientists have accepted that spirituality is a great medium to improve your mind power and overcome any stressful situation. That’s why doctors also recommend doing meditation with exercises to maintain your physical and mental health. Meditation encourages you to go within yourself and explore yourself. It connects and synchronizes your mind, body, and soul.

Why Rajyoga Meditation

Rajyoga Meditation
Rajyoga Meditation

Well, there are various techniques of meditation recommended and each has its own positive results. But of all the meditation techniques available, Rajyoga Meditation is the unique method by which you actually connect with the Supreme Soul and avail His power and virtues that help us to conquer any tough situations. Being in Soul consciousness, you not only overcome your own vices but you also give power to other weak souls who are seeking peace and happiness. If you want to know more details about Rajyoga Meditation please click here.

Get The Eight Powers Through Rajyoga Meditation

Eight Powers of Soul Through Rajyoga Meditation
Eight Powers of Soul Through Rajyoga Meditation

When you practice Rajoyga meditation regularly, you start experiencing its benefits from within. You start to feel the original qualities of the soul – peace, love, purity, bliss, happiness, power, and knowledge. Moreover, you gain the eight powers that are very essential to live your life with dignity. You learn with practice the skill of how to apply the right power at the right time.

Power to Withdraw

With this power, you get the ability to detach from the situation and come up with a suitable solution. This means you do not get involved in the problem, but you look at it with aloofness and then think of a solution. To understand it more clearly, let’s take an example. Suppose you are walking with your spouse and there comes a pit on the road. Your spouse falls into it unknowingly. What will you do? Will you start crying and getting panicked or will you try to lift him/her up from the pit? Of course, you will draw him up by giving your hand, right?

Power to Pack Up

When we plan to travel to some place, we do packing of our luggage. We take only those items with us which are necessary and leave the things which are not needed. In the same way, with the power to pack up, we take only those qualities and virtues with us which are required and leave out other things. This means when people misbehave with us or insult us we should not get disturbed. Leave it and let it go. Because everyone receives the fruits of their own karmas. Then why should we waste our energy by punishing them or arguing with them? Just pass on your good wishes to them.

Power to Tolerate

Many times in our daily lives we often say very easily, “I cannot tolerate this”, “I cannot tolerate that”, But in reality, the power of tolerance is much needed if we value our relationships. Mind you, tolerance does not mean your weakness. Rather, it is your strength to change the other person. There is a scene in the movie “Lage Raho Munnabhai”. A man daily spits after chewing tobacco on the wall outside of a young boy’s home. That boy requests him not to do that. But the person purposely spits on the wall to trouble him. So, then instead of wasting energy arguing with that man, the boy starts washing that wall after the man spits on it. This continues for a few days and finally, the man stops troubling that boy and apologizes to him.

So, irrespective of people’s right or wrong behavior with us, we should not leave our good qualities like patience, love, compassion, and peace of mind. One day, people will change and stop troubling you.

Power to Accommodate

This power to accommodate is nothing but to accept others as they are, along with their flaws and strengths. This encourages us to adjust and mix with all people and yet maintain our original qualities. As the sea accommodates all rivers along with their dirt but leaves the dirt at the seashore. In the same way, we accept people with their flaws but do not get affected by their flaws and weaknesses.

Power to Discriminate

A swan has the specialty to differentiate between a pearl and a stone. Also, it can separate milk from water. In human life also we need to take small or big decisions. To take the right decision we must have the ability to discriminate between what is right and what is wrong. Then only we can make the right decision and will not repent later.

Power to Judge

Once we develop the power to discern, we can also judge ourselves and also other people. We assess our choices, decisions, and actions to decide what is right and what is wrong. With the power to judge, we can recognize people’s character. However, it takes determination to take the right path and be firm with that path.  We must also be our own judges to change our bad habits and should not repeat the same mistake again.

Power to Face

Needless to say, we all are bound to face many negative situations and adversities in life. Those who have a firm and calm nature can face any challenges with a stable and calm mind.  We often confuse power to tolerate with power to face. The power to tolerate gives us the ability to bear the negative sanskaras and behaviors of people. Whereas, the power to face gives us the mental strength to surpass the challenges in life may be financial loss or any natural calamity or death of a loved one.

Power to Cooperate

When we all work towards achieving a common goal then we must help and cooperate with each other to bring success in achieving the goal. Even a mountain can be lifted if each one gives his/her helping hand.


So, to make it short, the current time is full of many challenges in social and personal life. Time is fleeting and we must not ignore the warning signal of nature. If you are still in the assumption that there is a lot of time now, awaken yourself before it’s too late. The current time warns you, “It’s now or never”. So, do join Brahmakumaris Rajyoga Meditation Course and avail that mental strength to face adversities and challenges that are yet to come. God wants you all to join Him in making this world a paradise. Are you ready to join?

Om Shanti!

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  1. Wonderfully brought out in a very comprehensive manner the present challenges mankind is facing and headed for in times to come. Rajyoga Meditation offers a unique solution not only to connect with one’s inner self but also to face the challenges outside and live amicably in the harmony with the nature. Spiritual Knowledge given directly by the Supreme Soul God Father Shiva enables the human soul to empower one self from within for a better world. Good Effort.

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