Who Is God for You? – Part 1

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Who Is God for You? – Part 1


Who is God

Hi friends, I am back with the next blog. In the last blog, we have understood who we are. We are souls, a point of light sitting on the center of our forehead. Our soul controls mind, intellect, and sanskaras. And the soul carries forward our past sanskaras and karmas to the next births. Now let’s go to the next question: Who is God? Well, defining or describing God is a very vast subject and cannot be covered in one blog. So let’s first analyze our own beliefs about the Supreme being. 

By the way, if you haven’t gone through the previous blog please Click Here to read it first. Because we cannot know God unless and until we know ourselves. 

Our Innocent Belief about Who Is God in Our Childhood Days

who is God in childhood
Innocence in Childhood When Praying God

I used to think in my childhood that who is God really? Why doesn’t He show up when I pray to Him? But still, I used to have faith in Him because my parents told me so. They also told me that God watches us all the time and if we do any bad karma then we are sent to hell after we die. There they torture us by putting us in boiling oil, putting salt in our eyes, and so on. And I used to believe all that :P. So, with the fear of going into hell, I used to be careful about my karmas. That imbibed good values in me like truthfulness, honesty, loyalty, and sincerity. Have you also experienced this?

But as we grow up our innocence vanishes. We see the inequality, corruption, malpractice in the surrounding world and we doubt if God really exists or not. 

A Story of His Existence

You might have heard this short story. A man was walking in a desert and he noticed four footprints on the sand when he was walking alone. So he asked whose footprints those were. God replied, “My child, these are my feet. I am walking with you.” The man was very happy to know that God was with him. After some days, the man encountered a situation where he got completely discouraged and was in pain. That time when he was walking alone in the desert, there he saw only two footprints. He said with grief, “Oh God, you were with me when I was happy. And now when I am in a bad situation you have left me?” Then God replied to him, “My child, the footprints which you are seeing now are mine. I am the one carrying you on my shoulders”.

Why and When Do We Remember Him?

The above story is a symbolic story of God’s existence. We have been hearing since childhood that God only rescues us from all adversities and sorrows. He gives us happiness, peace, and strength. But sometimes or rather most of the time we do not remember Him when we are happy and all is well.  The moment something bad happens or some adverse situation occurs in our life we immediately remember God and pray to Him.  Why? Because we trust him as a supreme power, isn’t it?

Is God Responsible For Our Sorrows?

Sometimes people also blame God for their sorrows and adversities. They think that He is the one who gives us both happiness and sorrow. You also might have been suffering from this “Why Me?” But just give it a thought. If God is ‘Sukhakarta, Dukhaharta’ which means He is the joy-giver and sorrow-reliever, how can he make us sad or depressed? Whatever we face in our life is the result of our past karmas and God does not interfere in our karmas. These karmas might be from your previous births also. Karmic accounts have to be closed some or the other time. We cannot escape from the consequences of our karmas. It is totally our responsibility. And hence, we cannot blame God for what we are suffering due to our own karmas.

Does He Really Exist Everywhere and Within Everyone?

Well, we haven’t seen God with our eyes but we have accepted His form as a human with four hands, or three heads, or even in the form of animals. And we don’t question why it is so. We just pray with our hands folded and bowing our heads. People also say that God is everywhere – in nature, in mother, in Gurus, teachers, or even doctors. Some say God is within all humans. Do you also believe this? So, now let’s do a brainstorm.

He Is in All Humans

If we believe that God is everywhere, in every particle, even within human beings, then no human should commit any sin, right? Even a thief would think a hundred times before stealing assuming that there is God in this safe. Or a man will hesitate before taking a bribe, or killing someone, or doing any bad karma for that matter thinking that God is watching me. But is it so? Today, thieves do not hesitate to steal even idols in temples. We see so much malpractice, inequity, corruption, and sins in the surrounding world.

He Is In Nature

Also, if we believe God is the creator of this nature then how can the creator exist in his own creation? Have you ever heard of a father who resides within his son? Moreover, today we can see how imbalanced nature has become. Had God been there in nature, will He allow it to lose the balance? So, He cannot exist in nature elements either.

He Is In Mothers, Gurus, Teachers, and Doctors

Well, it is a fact that Gurus, teachers, and doctors are all serving the welfare of society. Teachers teach good values to students. Gurus give virtues, doctors serve patients to relieve them from diseases. Mother loves her child and grows him until he stands on his own feet. So it is a noble cause no doubt. They give love and serve others. But is it totally without expectation? They do expect something in return, right? Theirs is not totally unconditional love, is it? Even a mother loves her child but she also gets hurt or gets judgmental if he doesn’t take care of her in her older age. Unconditional love is total acceptance and that can be only given by God. 


So, this means that God does not exist everywhere. Because had He been in every human, this whole world would have been so virtuous and nice! Then the question arises, does God really exist? If yes, then Who is God? and Where is He? What is His duty? We will see it in my next blog. Till then rethink over what is the role of God in your life?

Om Shanti! 


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