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Paradise on Earth – Madhuban in Mount Abu


When we say paradise, what picture comes to your mind? A world full of happiness, peace, health, wealth, and prosperity, right? Everything is so well there. Does such a world exist on this planet earth? There is a proverb in Marathi that says ‘Heaven cannot be seen without death”. But I have seen it with my open eyes while I am still alive. And I feel so lucky to witness such a fascinating place that exists with extremely positive vibrations. . Yes, it is Madhuban – the international headquarter of Brahmakumaris that is nestled in the sky-touching Aravali mountain ranges of Mount Abu. I realized why Madhuban is called the highest pilgrimage in the world only after actually going there. This auspicious land is a hub for peace and purity. Every godly student of the Rajyoga Meditation Course strives for going to Madhuban.

Om Shanti Bhavan Madhuban
Om Shanti Bhavan

How I Got the Opportunity to Visit Madhuban

When I listened to the experiences narrated by many BK brothers and sisters who returned from Madhuban after a short trip of 7 to 10 days, I got very curious and eager to visit this place. Eight months had passed since I joined the Brahmakumaris center in Pune. Finally, one day our BK center’s teacher (BK Sanjeevani Didi) called me and told me that we are going to Madhuban in the month of January for 10 days. I was so excited to hear that! But I won the opportunity within a year after joining Brahmakumaris. My joy knew no bounds as I would have got a chance to attend Baba Milan Ceremony on 18th January, which is Brahma Baba’s ascension anniversary.

The World Drama Had Something Else

I told all my friends and family members that I am going to Madhuban. The next task was to do the shopping for a big suitcase, white dresses, and all thermal wear because it was the winter season. I was all set to go. But my excitement did not last long. At that time, the wave of  Corona struck India again and we got directions that our visit to Madhuban was canceled. I was very upset. I didn’t know when I would get the next chance to visit Madhuban. But my senior BK Rupali consoled me not to worry. “Drama kalyankari hai. (Drama is good) Maybe Baba wants more dharna from you” I somehow cheered my mind. Days were passing. Many BKs returned from Madhuban and my desire to visit Madhuban was getting intense day by day.

Finally, That Day Came

And finally, in the month of February, Didi told me that they are going for an annual meeting in Madhuban in April and I can accompany her. I was very happy to hear that. But from my earlier experience, I avoided showing my excitement. Let me board the train and reach there. Then only I will believe, I thought. So, on the auspicious day of Gudi Padwa, the Marathi new year, we left for Madhuban in the evening on the 2nd of April.

And When I Landed on the Paradise – Madhuban

We reached the 3rd of April morning at the Abu station and from there, we climbed one of the special buses from Brahmakumaris and reached Madhuban. The moment we entered through the gate, I saw many white-dressed angels strolling here and there. It was like a subtle world (Sukshmavatan that we learned in RajYoga Course) incarnated on earth.

Accommodation System at Madhuban

Then Didi and Amit Bhai went to the accommodation office to get room allocations. Didi could have got a different room for teachers that have more facilities. But Didi deliberately took a room with me so that I would not feel lonely. This is how our Godly family is!  so loving and caring! We took the keys and checked into the room.

Building names were so catchy and relevant to Rajyoga spiritual knowledge such as Prakash Kunj, Nirmal Kunj, Kamal Kunj, Indraprastha, and so on. We got a room in Nirmal Kunj. The room was very tidy and well maintained with 4 beds, 2 fans, and a cooler. The bathroom had two separate taps for cold and hot water. Everything was so well organized.

The Brahma-bhojan

We got refreshed and went for lunch. The dining hall was very big with two counters. I was impressed with the management there. Everyone was washing his/her own plate after finishing the meal. Once you wear that white dress, you forget about your position, degree, or wealth. You are only a brahmin soul there. Lunch was very tasty and it had the holiness of Brahma-bhojan.

Heading Towards Pandav-Bhavan

After taking a rest we headed for Pandav Bhavan, the auspicious land where Brahma Baba had actually stayed and Godfather ShivBaba imparted the spiritual knowledge through Brahma Baba to His godly students. I had heard from senior BKs that it is very big luck to get a chance to stay at Pandav Bhavan because you don’t get permission so easily to stay there. But we got to stay there for two nights and I felt so lucky!

Char Dham Yatra – A Spiritual Pilgrimage

Char Dham Madhuban
Char Dham Pandav Bhavan

The biggest spiritual experience you get in Pandav Bhavan is Char Dham Yatra. Baba ki Kutiya (Baba’s hut), Baba ka Kamra (Baba’s room), History Hall, and Shanti Stambh (Tower of Peace). Every Dham has its own significance. The extreme positive vibes here give you a powerful meditation experience. I had heard that when scientists tested the positivity measurement with a tool, the needle of that machine surpassed its extreme point. You can imagine how powerful the place is!

I was so lucky to spend hours and hours in each of these char dhams and felt so calm from inside. You actually experience the journey within the self through self. No worries, no anxieties, no tensions. Only Baba and I! I remembered the very first blessing card that I got on Rakshabandhan from Didi which said “You are the soul singing the song that says you got what you were destined to get,” (Aap ‘Pana tha so pa liya’ geet gane wale Adhikari Atma ho). This is it! Now nothing remains to gain anymore.

The Night Class

That night I got a chance to listen to BK Dr. Sachin Bhai’s class on Avyakt Murali. One point for newcomers from that Murali caught my heart,

For newcomers who are celebrating their meeting again in this cycle, BapDada gives the special boon of love that you will always feel the GodFather’s hand on your head. Those who have the GodFather’s hand on their head are always safe in all situations. The hand of this blessing is your means of protection in every situation. This is the biggest security.

I was so overwhelmed to hear that because I was also a newcomer and it was my first visit to Madhuban. We attended Murali class the next morning in Om Shanti Bhavan’s big hall.

The Amazing Sunset View from Baba ki Pahadi

Baba ki Pahadi at Pandav Bhavan Madhuban
Baba ki Pahadi

Watching the sunset and calm lake water has been my all-time favorite hobby. I have enjoyed watching the sunset on a beach many times but did not watch it from a mountain or hill. When I watched many BKs doing meditation on Baba ki Pahadi on the Peace of Mind TV channel, I was so fascinated to see it. Also, my friend BK Rupali Behen told me that if you get a chance do visit Baba ki Pahadi. So, I asked Didi if we could go to that Pahadi. Didi and Gyan SarovarBhai agreed immediately and the next evening we went to the Pahadi via Nakki Lake.

The serene water of Nakki Lake and the beautiful plantation of flowers made me feel so rejuvenated. We started climbing the Pahadi and reached there within half an hour. The view from the top was so amazing. Sunset was about to happen. The sky got full of numerous color shades when the sun was hiding behind the horizon. I captured many pictures of that view with my mobile camera. It was an aha moment for me! This was that pahadi where BrahmaBaba used to bring his godly students for a picnic and to do meditation. Doing Rajyoga meditation was an other-worldly experience.

Gyan Sarovar

Before leaving PandavBhavan, we also planned a visit to Gyan Sarovar, the Academy for Better World, which is another complex of Brahmakumaris. We took a bus from Pandav Bhavan to GyanSarovar in the morning and reached there. That place was also full of amazing scenery and tranquil peace. I was very captivated by the place.

Janaki Park at Gyan Sarovar Madhuban
Janki Park at Gyan Sarovar

We went to Janki Park and it was a model of Satyugi Srushti. Laxmi-Narayan statues, colorful flower plants & greenery, Holy swans, Pushpa Viman, Laxmi in Lotus flower, the statue of Krishna, and Baba ki Kutiya. All were so mind-blowing. I felt like I had landed in the Golden age world.

Art Gallery Madhuban
Art Gallery at Gyan Sarovar

Another attraction at GyanSarovar is the Art Museum where models of Satyug, Treta-Yuga, Dwaparyug, Kalyug, and Sangam-yug have been created. One can visualize the five Swaroops (Point of light, Devi-Devta Swaroop, Poojya Swaroop, Brahman Swaroop, Farishta Swaroop) in the Swadarshan Chakra while walking through these models.


After spending two days in Pandav Bhavan, we returned to Shantivan. We got fresh and stepped out to visit Baba ka Kamra, Tapasya Dham, and all the Stambhas of Janki Dadi, Prakashmani Dadi, and Gulzar Dadi. Every place has its own aura and power. The moment I went in front of every Stambha, the Mahavakya carved on the Stambha and the aura touched my heart.

Every day waking up at 3.30 am and doing Amritvela meditation at different places was a different experience. I got an opportunity to do Seva (service) there as a Sevadhari. I was involved in Toli (prasad) serving. We were above 30 Sevadharis and I really enjoyed doing Seva (service) in a team. We all got mixed up so easily as if we have been knowing each other for a long time. It is really a feeling like Ishwariya Parivar (Godly family).

I also got a golden chance to witness the Grand Opening Ceremony of Dadi Prakashmani Park which has a very big open stadium and a 3D show theater.

Anand Sarovar

Anand Sarovar Madhuban
Anand Sarovar

The day before our checkout, Didi suggested visiting Anand Sarovar. So, Neeta Behen whom I met during the toli Seva, and I walked to Anand Sarovar. It was so clean, calm, and tranquil! The Anand Park was so beautiful with attractive statues of animals and a well-shaped plantation. We both felt very fresh with the cooling breeze. Then we went to Baba’s Room there for yoga. While seeing in the eyes of Brahma Baba I don’t know what happened but tears came rolling down my eyes. Maybe, I felt overwhelmed as I was to leave Madhuban the next day.

The Last Day in Madhuban

Finally, that last day came and we had to prepare for leaving Madhuban. Those ten days we spent in Madhuban were so mesmerizing that they created a lifetime memory.  We didn’t even realize how ten days passed. But I gained a treasure of happiness there. My spiritual journey got a gear up. Then we returned to Pune on 13th April morning with an unforgettable memory.

It’s Now or Never

Friends, this is not just my experience. I want to encourage you all to experience it too. Spirituality is the only source that can make you strong to face many adversities that are yet to come in the near future. This is that high time and we cannot afford to waste it. It’s Now or Never.  So if you want to live a better life, just do the 7-days Rajyoga Meditation Course and experience the inexpressible joy by visiting the Paradise on Earth. 

Om Shanti!  🙂

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    1. Nicely brought out.

      I also had a similar experience and feeling on my first visit to Shantivan and Pandav Bhavan. And Amit bhai was with me then as a guide and he was of a great help in conduct of whole trip to.Mt Abu.. It was in Dec 2010 after 11 months of doing the Rajyoga Course..

      My trip also materialised with lots of if’s and but’s, as I was then in service and leave though sanctioned but could have got cancelled any time due to service commitments. But Shiv Baba ensured I chance.. And credit goes to Sanjeevani Didi for it to happen.

      I too was at Mt Abu recently and attended Baba Milan programme of 28 Apr 2022 along with Karnatka Zone. It was a wonderful experience this time. I also had chance to attend Spiritual Classes by elders, Dadi Ratan Mohin’s 98 th birthday celebrations, Sant Samagam,, Diadi Janki’s 2nd Smit Diwas and visit to Solar Complex, Manmohini Complex, Prakashmani Dadi Park, Gaushala, Mansrovar, Tappvan, Global Hospital, Gyan Srovar, Pandav Bhavan, Diwara Temple and Peace Park.

      I just missed meeting Sanjevan Didi as I left Mt Abu on 02 Apr 2022 night.

  1. This was a absolutely a mesmerising write up. I have been to Mount Abu twice but didn’t get a chance to visit the Madhuban campus. Definitely a lovely read.

  2. It is a true Heaven on earth, it is a power house to charge ourself with love, peace, bliss, happiness, I always love this place and eagerly wait to visit again.

  3. Truly madhuban is heaven, 2 times i also got the opportunity to went Mount Abu from sanghvi centre.we are lucky to have bk sanjivani didi and lovely bk family.awsome explaination.God bless you😇

  4. Meenakshi, very beautifully articulated… This made us live every moment spent by you ..

    Thankyou so much for sharing this experience with all of us… And motivated to atleast once in lifetime to visit Madhuban 🍁💕

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