Honesty- The Virtue Of a Lifetime To Stay Happy

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Honesty- The Virtue Of a Lifetime To Stay Happy


Hi friends, in our day-to-day lives we come across many situations where we have the choice of being honest or not. Honesty is a virtue that has been taught since our childhood. But how many of us stick to it? I am narrating two very common incidents below. Check yourself in the same situation and think about what would be your reaction to it.  Be honest 🙂

Scene 1

I am driving on a quiet, not-so-crowded road and I come across the red signal. I stop there waiting for the signal to become green. but I see other vehicles still crossing the red signal as if they haven’t seen it.

Scene 2

I go to a shop, and buy some items that cost Rs.80. I pay Rs.100. The counter person mistakenly returns Rs.30 instead of Rs.20.  I honestly tell that person and return the extra Rs.10. He thanks me.

In the above scenes, some of you may appreciate it and some of you may say that the world around us is not so honest, we shouldn’t be so honest or rule followers. 

The things are very minor but are very deep when it comes to our values. A thief is a thief even if he steals a small amount of money or commits a big robbery.

What Does Honesty Mean to You?

Honest Woodcutter Story

I have heard a story in my childhood of an honest woodcutter. His axe falls into a river and a deity comes out from the river with a golden axe. She asks him if it is his axe. But he denies it. Then she comes out with a silver axe, but the woodcutter still denies it. Then she comes out with his old iron axe and he immediately accepts it. The deity is pleased with his honesty and offers him all three axe.

This story has imbibed the value of honesty within me. I have also read one quote somewhere, “Wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it . Right is right even if no one is doing it”. So, I think if all people remember this one quote before doing any action, there will be no corruption in society.

Why We Should Always Be Honest

Well, we may not be answerable to anyone for our actions. But we are answerable to God and ourselves. So, if you think that no one is watching or nothing will happen if we do it then let me remind you that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. And this applies to our karma also. Therefore, we should be aware of ethical and unethical actions. Because our actions become our sanskaras. You must be aware that one lie gives birth to hundreds of lies. And then you have to maintain your dishonesty. This will consequently lead to a fearful and peaceless mind. You don’t want such a life, do you?

In today’s world of falsehood, you may have to pay for your honesty. Sometimes, even encounter big damage. But believe me, it will be very trivial in front of your self-esteem. At the end of the day or at the end of life, you will feel satisfied that you have not cheated anyone or even yourself. Isn’t it worth being honest then?

Benefits of Being Honest

Honesty Defines Your Character

Honesty is the base of your character or integrity. It is a crucial personality trait. To win one’s trust is a great achievement. It also forms the base of any long-term relationship. Be it professional or personal. You will win loveful and respectful relationships.

No Repentance

When you perform any action by being true to yourself with honesty you will not have to repent for anything in life. It makes your life easier. Else you have to pay for your karma anyways. Then you cannot blame anyone for your condition.

You Earn Blessings

By being honest, you earn the blessings of people. The woodcutter in the above story earns all axe as the blessings of that deity. When you behave honestly with people for their welfare then you will obviously get their blessings. It might be a small action but has a great impact. For example, returning one’s wallet that has fallen from his pocket. Will you not earn his blessings?

Honesty Takes You Closer To God

When you follow honesty you come closer to the truth. And God always appreciates the truth. He then bestows happiness, contentment, and bliss on you. What else do you need in life?


To summarize, if we want a blissful and happy life without any repentance then follow your heart and be honest to yourself and everyone. After all, life is meant to be lived with dignity. So, let’s make it our habit to stay honest. 🙂


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