The Secret of How To Overcome ‘Why Me?’

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The Secret of How To Overcome ‘Why Me?’

why me

You have planned to travel to your dream country abroad. You are very excited to fly. And you meet a small road accident the day before your departure and your one leg gets a fracture. Consequently, your trip gets canceled. What will be your reaction in this situation? You will blame everything and everyone. Your fate, the person who dashed you, even God also, right? You have blamed others the whole day and are very upset. 

Now think of the next incident. The next day, you come to know about the news that the flight by which you were to travel has crashed and all the passengers died. Now, what will be your response? You will thank God from the bottom of your heart that He saved your life. 

This is life. We often do not see the hidden secret behind any incident that we think is bad. We realize later that it happened for good. Bhagavad Gita also says, “Everything that happened was for good, whatever is happening is for good and whatever will happen in the future will be for good only”. But do we understand it thoroughly? Do we respond to any negative situations in life the way we should? We are accustomed to reacting with panic and irritation to the situation we see at that moment. Later, we realize that the situation was for our good. 

The ‘Why Me?’ Disease

Every one of us has encountered this ‘Why me?’ disease some or the other day in our life. Whenever something bad happens unexpectedly we ask God, “Oh God, why me? Why only me?” 

I came across this very thought-provoking picture.  A small stone hits a boy on his head. He says with grief, “Why God, why me?” and then he turns back and sees that God is stopping all bigger stones and is asking him, “Sorry my child, did I miss one?” 

Why Me God
Why Me God?

What does this representative story depict? God never gives us any sorrows. It is the result of our own karma.  And God doesn’t interfere with our karmas. 

Beware! Karma is Watching You!


Even science law says that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. This applies to your deeds also. Do good and good will happen to you in multiples. Similarly, do any bad karma and bad will happen to you.  Sometimes, you say, “I haven’t done anything wrong and haven’t hurt anyone. Still, why am I facing these adversities in life?” The answer is you must have done something wrong in your past life which you are paying for now. Because no one on this earth can escape the fruits of his/her karmas, be it good or bad.

The Secret of World Drama  

Now, this is a new secret that you might not know. ParamPita Paramatma, God Himself says that the whole world is a wheel of drama and every soul here is an actor who has his/her own part to play. Just as there is a cycle of day and night or a cycle of seasons, there is also a cycle of the entire creation which has a lifespan of 5000 years. And every 5,000 years it repeats itself. This means that everything that is happening in this universe has happened exactly the same way 5000 years ago. Even this moment of you reading this blog has happened the same way 5000 years before. Isn’t it wonderful? 

So, now you will understand that whatever has happened in the past or is happening now has already happened and is repeating after 5000 years. This also implies that any negative situation you are facing today had already happened 5000 years before and you had come out of it at that time. So, whatever is happening now is not new and you will again overcome the current situation. 

The Four Ages of World Drama Wheel

World Drama Wheel
World Drama Wheel

Well, now let’s know in detail how exactly the wheel of world drama works. So the world drama wheel has 4 ages namely the Golden age (Satyug), Silver age (Tretayug), Copper age (Dwaparyug), and Iron age (Kaliyug). If the whole drama is of 5000 years then every age has got 1250 years to run. This cycle depicts the journey of human souls on how they decline from the highest spiritual stage (Sato Pradhan) to the lowest (Tamopradhan). Every soul and also nature has to pass through all these stages. And it continues eternally as it does not have its beginning and end. 

The Golden Age – Satyug

The golden age is the highest age called Satyug. As the name suggests everything is the truth. No false, no corruption, no mishap. Everywhere there is only purity, peace, and prosperity. Everyone has a palace made of gold, silver, and diamonds. A Pushpa-vimana (airplane) in every yard. Shri Krishna is the first prince of this golden age. There is the kingdom of Shree Satyanarayan and Shree Lakshmi. All deities living in Satyug possess all virtues and powers, and 16 arts. No violence, no vices. Waw.. won’t you like to live in such a serene world? The whole of nature is Sato pradhan and every soul has a lifespan of 150 years. And mind you, they leave their bodies happily once they become older and take their next birth in a new body. 

The Silver Age – Treta Yuga

As Satyug finishes by 1250 years, Treta Yuga starts and two heavenly degrees get reduced. So here there are 14-degree virtues. Still, peace, prosperity, and purity exist in the silver age and the kingdom is of Shriram and Shree Sita. They are from Kshatriya varna. This yuga also runs for 1250 years. So, the first 2500 years of the world drama are known to be Sukhdham meaning the world of happiness, purity, peace, and prosperity.

Copper Age – Dwapar Yuga

Now, with the copper age starts the path of devotion and people start worshiping God. At first, our devotion was pure. But as time passes, human souls fall into vices and the sorrow begins. The devotion path also becomes Tamo pradhan and by the end of the copper age, human souls start worshiping every stone, natural element, and even other humans. Other religions get established (Islam, Buddha, Christen) by the Fathers of those religions who come to play their part in the drama. But with degraded virtues, sorrow gets increased.  

Iron Age – Kaliyug

And finally, as the copper age comes to an end, people become victims of the vices and their behavior gets degraded to great extent. Kaliyug is said to be Ravanrajya. This is the time period when Dharma gets violated, corruption and misbehavior get to the extreme level. At the end of the Kaliyug comes the Sangamyug when God incarnates Himself into an ordinary old aged man.

What Is Sangam Yug?

Sangam Yug (Confluence Age) is the time between the end of Kaliyug (Iron Age) and the beginning of Satyug (Golde Age). This means that these four ages of the world drama wheel repeat every 5000 years. This is the time when God arrives on the earth from His residence, Paramdham to impart the knowledge of Bhagavad Gita and make them deities from humans. This is the golden opportunity for every human to change his Sanskars and do good deeds to make the karmic accounts nil and claim the Kingdom of Satyug. Parampita Parmatma, ShivBaba says that if we remember Him every second then He will take us with Him to our real home that is Paramdham, and then we will go back to Satyug to enjoy the new world of Peace, Prosperity, and Happiness. 

Do you think this is very difficult? He doesn’t want any rituals or worshipping or going for any pilgrimage. Just connect with Him through any close relation and remember Him. God guarantees you that whatever are your sufferings through your sinful actions He will make it all easy.  

Now You Know The Secret

So, now you have known the secret of every happening in your life. Whether good or bad, the situation is a fruit of your past karma and now you can nullify it with your good karma and remember God. This is the way how you respond to any negative situation or people. Just keep in mind that this situation has happened 5000 years before and I have overcome it. You will feel so calm and you will get the strength to face that situation very easily. 

Now, having known this secret, would you ever ask  ‘Why Me?”


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