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Do You Want to Know Yourself with a Perfect Understanding?

How do you give your introduction when you are asked to? You will say, “what is so difficult? Just tell your name, address, educational degree, and your family details. That’s it”. Really? Is that all? Well, in the secular world, yes, people know you by your name, address, education, family, and looks. But do you really know yourself? Think again, stand in front of a mirror and ask yourself, “Does this body define me? Am I this face, these hands, feet, brain, and heart? Do you ever point to your hands and say, “This is me” or point to your face and say, “This is me”? William Shakespeare has already said, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” So, that means your name also does not define You! 

Then Who Are You? Have you ever thought about this?

Who Am I?

So, when you say “I” that does not mean your body. You are not your body. It is just a medium to exist on this planet. After your birth, you live through your body until you die. But how are you identified as alive? What makes you move, think, or behave? What happens to your body when you die? There must be some energy or power that drives your body, isn’t it? Yes, you said it right. It is your Soul!. The Soul is the driving force of our body. But the interesting thing is that it is invisible! The invisible soul directs our visible body and mind to work. Isn’t it a miracle? 

Where Does The Soul Reside?

Many people think that the heart and mind are interconnected. We think through our minds and feel through our hearts. So, they assume that the soul also resides in the heart. But this is not true. The heart is an organ of your visible body. The soul is invisible and it resides in the center of the forehead where many of us apply Tilak. Did you ever think about why we apply a tilak on the center of our eyebrows only and not anywhere else? It is the place where our soul is. It is extremely small as a point of light. But in spite of being such a subtle point, that soul has complete control over our entire life.  This is the huge power of our soul. Whatever we think, speak, or do is controlled by the soul. The soul carries forward all our good or bad sanskaras, qualities, and past karmas. 

What Are the Original Qualities of a Soul?

When a soul enters a body on its birth, it has seven original qualities. These qualities have an effect on our physical health. That’s why we always say that mental health and physical health are interconnected.


Peace is connected to our respiratory system. You must have noticed that when you are in anxiety or uneasy your speed of breaths increases.


Love is connected to our hearts. Now you know why heart blockages and heart attacks are increasing, right? Lack of love towards oneself or unfulfillment of expected love from others can lead to heart problems.


Purity is connected with our five sense organs. We have to implement purity in our sense organs. So think good thoughts, speak good, hear good, and see good.


Power is connected with muscles. When we have good physical muscle strength we can build our immune system to fight any impurity.


Happiness keeps our digestive system well functioning.


Bliss has a connection with our hormonal system. The hormonal balance keeps our minds peaceful and stable.

Spiritual Knowledge

Spiritual knowledge balances our nervous system. So, once you learn this knowledge your overall body functions properly maintaining the communication well between all body parts. That is why doctors also recommend spirituality as a medium of a speedy recovery.

So, if you want perfect health we will have to nourish these seven qualities in our souls.

The Controlling Power of Soul

A soul controls our Mind, Intellect, and Sanskars. We think by mind, intellect analyses it, and then when it comes into action it becomes our Sanskar. Within a day, about 70000 thoughts come to our minds. These fall into four categories:

  • Positive
  • Negative
  • Essential
  • Waste

Now you have to check how many negative and wasteful thoughts do we think in a day? We need to deliberately pay attention to our thoughts and convert them to only positive and essential thoughts.

Because positive thoughts increase the power of our soul and we become more and more stable in every situation. Do you think it is difficult? Maybe it is, but not impossible.

What Is Our Responsibility to Live a Better Life?

After knowing who we are, our responsibility is to nurture our souls with good and positive thoughts. Always being soul-conscious and not body-conscious. Once you are in remembrance of the soul and take care of your soul, your body will be taken care of automatically. Your thoughts create actions and actions create your life. So, first, control your thoughts and be in a state that everything you think, speak, or do is affecting your soul. These days what we call Kalyug, our souls have become impure with evil or negative thoughts. We have to make it pure so that we can live a better life and a great future with happiness, peace, and prosperity. After all, that is what we want, right? 


So, now you know yourself. To summarize, we are our soul and not the body. And now it is our duty and responsibility to make our soul clean and pure to live a better life. You can achieve this by emerging the seven qualities of the soul. So, henceforth, be in the remembrance of your soul always. 

Om Shanti! 🙂


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