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Books are our close friends

When you purchase a new book by an unknown author what criteria do you use to make the purchase decision? It is always book reviews, right? Because that tells you the overall quality of the book.

A room without books is like a body without a soul.

– Cicero

I do agree with this. I would further say that you are the richest person if you possess a separate home for only books!. Books have been my all-time friends and companions who encourage me to take the right direction and also give answers to my many questions. Books are not just for entertainment, at least for me. I always look for reading between the lines. What author wants to say? My book reviews will give you the detailed info you need.

My Favorite Book Genres

As far as genres are concerned, I love to read self-help, inspirational, and spiritual books. These friends help me develop my personality and attitude toward life. These books have helped me survive when I was going through a bad phase. Thinking positive always and seeing positive in every negative situation is not so easy. But when I read inspirational books and success stories of people I get the strength to face the situation. I am sure if you are a core book lover you would agree to this.

Well, apart from self-help books, I also love to read fiction novels and short stories that give some message to society. Sometimes you don’t get the right advice from people. But books are your perfect guides if you choose the right ones. They are the best gift options for book lovers.

Why Book Reviews?

I am not a professional book reviewer, But I can give my honest opinion about books that I have read myself and it will be totally my own say. So if you are an author and want to get an honest review then you can always contact me.

So, here I will be posting reviews about such books that have inspired me or motivated me, or just impressed me. If you are a beginner reader or a core reader, these book reviews will help you to choose the right book to read.

Your feedback is most welcome! πŸ™‚

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